Google Adwords Consulting

Most of our clients often ask these two kinds of questions when they come to us:

icon people circle Are there any tools that support me to advertise my product/service on Google? I would like when people search that word, my website’s link will appear on the top

icon people circle I have already spent a lot of money on GG Adwords, but it seems that Adwords does not work. Could you tell me why?

Let our professional team of ExportHelp address your concern and eliminate wasteful spend and drive more high-quality traffic to your site.

Actually, we have two methods to increase traffic for your website: SEO and Google Adwords.  However, in order to increase traffic in a short time, Adwords is a better choice.

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icon mui ten2 Depending on your needs, we will:


  • bulb icon Build new campaign(s) from scratch
  • bulb icon Restructure existing campaign(s)
  • bulb icon Manage campaign(s) for maximum returns


Follow these steps for a successful campaign

1. Search for key words 

Key words are the most important thing we need to determine before bidding them. The right key words lead to right customers.

Therefore, initially, we will spend time studying your products and services. Then, we analyze your requirements and needs. After collecting enough information, we make a key word list.You will be the one who finalise this list with our consutancy 


Google adword SEO banner key word research

2. Determine the appropriate budget for advertising campaigns

While setting up an Adwords campaign, most businesses have difficulties deciding budget for it. Don’t worry, ExportHelpwill guide you some useful technique to determine the most appropriate budget but still bring the best result for your campaign.

Google adword SEO banner budget


3. Set up Google Adwords campaign (for campaign start from scratch)

Setting up a Google Adwords campaign with choosen key words takes much time. However, ExportHelpcan help you create a complete advertising campaign from beginning to end. 


setting Google Adwords Campaigns

4. Frequently update and adjust the suitable price for your budget

Your advertising campaign needs to be followed and updated regularly. We will review and check the result after each working week. In case, the result is not as expected, we will revise the key word and the bidding price accordingly.

Google adword SEO banner analytics

5. Monthly report for your campaign

What gets measured gets done. Every month ExportHelp will send you a detail report about the number viewers and key words used. With these reports, you can find out whether your campaign is effective or not. In addition, you can give us some suggestions to make your campaign more effectively.


Google adword SEO banner report

For more information and professional advice on how to build a effective Google Adwords campaign, do not hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call. It's our honor to support you.

Besides SEO-Google Adwords consultingExportHelp also provide other support services: SEO friendly and responsive website designing servicewebsite management and developmentCRM Application to BusinessGoogle AppsEmail marketing-Newsletter campaignDomain and Hosting Registration when you would like to enhace your website's efficiency and attract more potential customers.


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