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A strong email marketing campaign is vital to the success of any business in the 21st century. Properly executed, an email marketing campaign can reach thousands of potential customers without a significant amount of financial overhead. Learning how to create a strong email marketing campaign involves utilizing detailed knowledge of both your customer base and the product or service you are offering. When done effectively, a solid email campaign can bring a high rate of investment return (ROI) on your initial effort.

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Advantages of Email marketing

    tick icon Reduce time and effort

    tick icon Real-time message

    tick icon Personalized message- your contact

    tick icon Segment users and customers database information

    tick icon More frequent communication


Most people think that we just create a contact list and write an email template, then click "Send". Running an e-mail marketing campaign is not that easy. We must have strategy, content and good management to make a sucessful campaign.


Email Marketing Processicon mui ten2 Develop a contact list

This is an important step, for example, you would like to send mail to customers on the occasion of women day, the email list should be selected carefully and be sure that emails are only sent to women customers.

icon mui ten2 Design attractive email

It is really boring when an email only contain words. To attract customers, we need an eye-catching email. Think about a Newsletter


icon mui ten2Send email

We have attractive content and useful contact list. Just click "Send" to give out the message to thousands of people

icon mui ten2 Report & Evaluation

Reporting on email campaigns is an important but often forgotten part of email marketing.

By taking the time to review the campaign reports, we can get a better understanding of how email performs for your business in relation to your other marketing initiatives.

Here are some key metric for evaluation:

Open rate: Open rate is a measure of how many people on your email list open your campaign.

Click through rate: Click-through rate is a measure of how many people clicked on one of the links in your email campaign.

Email visits: Email visits is a measure of how many people visited your website from your email marketing campaigns.

Email conversion: Email conversions is a measure of the number of conversions(purchases on your eCommerce store, signups for your product, etc) driven by your email marketing campaigns.

Unsubscribed rate: Unsubscribe rate is a measure of how many people unsubscribed from your email list from that particular campaign.

Bounce rate: Bounce rate refers to the percentage of email addresses in your subscriber list that didn’t receive your message.

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