With Uber, clients can completely believe that building a website for your business will become more easily and quickly than ever before. Joomla templates were built with T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3 features which help to improve user experience about the websites’ layouts and images. In addition, Advanced Custom Module helps companies to update more supporting features for websites. Features such as Testimonial, Gallery, Slideshow and CTA will strengthen reliability and interaction between companies and customers. From now on, our Clients simply select their favorite features and update them to create a complete website.

Uber is currently one of the most powerful Joomla templates for website and bring us the best user experience. With 18+ content blocks, 80 + variations, 17+ samples, and thousands of other possibilities, Joomla templates were created to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers.


I. One site fits all template

one site fits all template

With One site fits all template features from Joomla, your companies’ websites will be able to display multiple interfaces on the same template. One template can contain many different layouts, designed to suit different fields as Magazine, Company’s website, Personal blog, etc. In addition, for the best message delivering to customers, there is a bunch of customization to upgrade companies’ websites.

II. Advanced Custom Module

advanced module

Advanced Custom Module is a core feature of Uber template. One module can have an incredible capacity. With JA ACM, Clients can upgrade features Testimonial, CTA, Gallery, Slideshow, with thousands of variations.

III. Bundled with 17 pre-built site templates

bundled with 17 pre built site templates

Uber template is a versatile software package with 17 specific websites designed to suit various fields such as Sales, Company introduction, Spa/ Beauty services, etc. With power of ThemeMagic and Layout Configuration, the creation of a great website is entirely within Client’s reach. 

IV. T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3

HTML5 Boostrap LESS 2

The traditional power of JoomlArt template lies in T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3. Now it is even more versatile when combined with JA ACM.T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3 in Joomla template has the following characteristics:

cube Flat Design: T3 Framework is designed for both front-end (users’ interface) and back-end (web admin’s interface). The purpose of this design is to make typography and layout become clearer and easier for both users and admins. 

cube Flexible Layouts System: T3 Framework provides a display system which is clearly, conveniently and visually arranged, to improve the user experience.

cube HTML 5, Bootstrap and LESS: HTML5 will ensure the image quality and user experience. With Bootstrap and LESS, you can easily standardize typography and modules. HTML5, Bootstrap and LESS are all built at the core of T3 Bootstrap.

V. Mega Menu and Off-Canvas Menu

Desktop’s Megamenu navigation and mobile’s Off-Canvas menu are indispensable in Uber template, thanks to T3 Framework.

Mega Menu has the following characteristics:

GLAC icon number1d A single and professional menu:Categories and sub-categories are arranged in single-column form with most clearly classified information helps users easier to move from one page to another page.

GLAC icon number2d Presented in horizontal column form:It will be more convenient and easy to view when categories of information presented horizontally, bring good impression to customers.

GLAC icon number3d Flexible advertising space:Mega Menu allows inserting a ton of content. In addition to the basic content as Information, Products images, Clients can optionally add Contact part here.

mega menu

Off-canvas menu has the following characteristics:

Megamenu and Off Canvas Menu

GLAC icon number1d  Flexible location:Off-canvas Menu may appear on the left or right of the screen, depending on the purpose of designer. However, the properties of Off-canvas remain unchanged.

GLAC icon number2d Space saving:A kind of hidden menu. Only when users click on Off-canvas Menu, it appears which helps to save a large space of websites

GLAC icon number3d Available on mobile devices: Off-canvas Menu is now applied in many website designs for compatibility with small screen of portable devices.

VI. Fully Responsive

ub responsive

Uber is the quick and easy way for an entrepreneur to create fully responsive Joomla website. Now you don’t have to worry about what your site looks like across screens!

GLAC icon number1d Responsive at a high level: Recognize whether the devices accessing is computer, tablet, or smartphone and automatically adjust the appropriate interface.

GLAC icon number2d Automatically determines the resolution: Helps images and information display on mobile devices will not be distorted and keeps the access speed stable.


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