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K2- Great Content Management Extension From Joomla

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Attracting more traffic for websites is difficult, but retaining them is definitely much harder. One of the most effective ways to conquer your website visitors is provision of unique, helpful and aesthetic website content. ExportHelp is pleased to introduce an amazing extension from Joomla- K2 which can manage content from A to Z.

With K2, admins can easily upload content to websites in term of articles, blog posts, product information and directory.


tree iconThe functions are quickly listed in the form of Quick Icon:

product features digital signatures Add New Item: Add a new post.

product features digital signatures Item: Count all managed posts in K2.

product features digital signatures Feature Items: Count all special articles. Featured function from Joomla often appears, at K2, in Virtuemart, and in Joomla Article Component.

product features digital signatures Trashed Item: Contain all articles which are thrown into the trash. Clients may have known this function. It is quite similar to Recycle Bin in your PC, laptop.  It could be considered as a temporarily removed articles container which helps website manager / admin to delete some underestimated or unsuitable articles, but not  delete completely.

product features digital signatures Categories: Count all categories in your K2.

product features digital signatures Trashed Categories: Count all temporary delete categories.

product features digital signatures Tags: Manage all of websites’ tags.

product features digital signatures Comments: Count all comments written by users on your websites.

product features digital signatures Extra Fields: Count all expanded fields for articles in the K2.

product features digital signatures Extra Fields Groups: Count all groups Extra Fields.

product features digital signatures Media Manager: Powerfully manage multimedia.

product features digital signatures Online Image Editor: An amazing function allows website manager/ admin to process images easily and effectively right on the admin interface.

control panel K2

tree iconThe functions are quickly listed in the form of K2 Stats:

These functions help website admins have an overview of the K2 data.

product features digital signatures Latest Items: Count all latest articles.

Note: Admin has a right to set Created time and can completely change it as wishes.

product features digital signatures Popular Items: Count most viewed articles, based on data of Hit - Most commented Items. These items have biggest comment quantity / post

product features digital signatures Statistics: General statistics table for K2 as the total number of posts, the total categories, the total number of tags, etc.

Statistics K2

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